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History Of Crystal Palace Park


Anoplotherium Sculpture

How to pronounce it's name:


Definition of name:

"Short Canine Teeth"

Lived when:

Tertiary period (about 50 million years ago)

Type of food eaten:

Omnivores (meat and vegetation)

Fossils found where:


Model facts:

The model of anoplotherium was give a camel-like face but it is now thought that these creatures were more closely related to pigs or the hippopotamus. The model closest to water is a complete replica that was reconstructed with the help of photographs

Species shown:

There are three models of Anoplotherium shown, which represent two different species: Anoplotherium gracillis (graceful) and Anoplotherium commune (common)

Creature fact:

The modellers gave these creatures hooves but they were actually clawed animals




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