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History Of Crystal Palace Park


Mosasurus Sculpture

How to pronounce it's name:


Definition of name:

"Meuse Lizard" (after the Meuse river in Holland where the first fossil bones were found in the early 19th century

Lived when:

Late Cretaceous period

Died out when:

At the end of the Cretaceous period along with the dinosaurs

Type of food eaten:

Carnivorous (fish and other sea creatures).

Fossils found where:

Europe, Africa, North America and New Zealand

Model facts:

At the time of construction only a fossil head had been found and as a result, only the top half of the body was created the rest was submerged under the tidal lake so that people could not see that the model was not complete. Also, as the tidal lake ebbed and flowed, it gave the impression that the creature was emerging or retreating in the water

Creature fact:

Just like the Ichthyosaurs, this huge aquatic sea reptile had protective plates around its eyes (called sclerotic plates) and this enabled them to swim at great depths and catch their prey without serious eye damage being caused. Completed skeletons found after the model's completion reveal that the Mosasaurus had a serpent like body with about a hundred sections of backbone



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