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History Of Crystal Palace Park

TeleosaurusTeleosaurus Scuplture

How to pronounce it's name:


Definition of name:

"end reptile"

Lived when:

Late Triassic and throughout the Cretaceous period where they survived the mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs

Type of food eaten:

Carnivorous (fish and small reptiles)

Fossils found where:

First found in 1758 on the Yorkshire coastline

Model facts:

The Teleosaurs were associated by the modellers with the modern day crocodiles that still live in the River Ganges in India who have long, slim snouts and many sharp teeth

Creature fact:

They lived in salt water and are very similar to the modern day crocodiles. Like sharks, which have also remained unchanged by evolution for millions of years, the crocodilians became perfectly adapted to their environment and food source very early on.


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