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History Of Crystal Palace Park



Megalosaurus Sculpture 

How to pronounce it's name:


Definition of name:

"great lizard"

Lived when:

During the Jurassic about 175 million years ago

Died out when:

End of the cretaceous along with the other dinosaurs

Type of food eaten:

Carnivorous (smaller creatures and large plant-eating dinosaurs such as the Iguanodon).

Fossils found where:


Model facts:

As no complete skeleton had been discovered in 1852, the Megalosaurus was compared with similar meat-eating creatures of the time. These were thought to only be able to walk on all fours (a quadruped) but, in 1858, it was suggested that these creatures were actually more likely to have walked on their hind legs

Creature fact:

The first recorded fossil was found in the 17th century and was originally thought to be that of a giant lizard or the thighbone of a giant human. It was also the first dinosaur ever to be named.



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