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History Of Crystal Palace Park

MegatheriumMegatherium Sculpture

How to pronouce it's name:


Definition of name:

"giant beast"

Lived When:

Ice age

Died out when:

11,000 years ago

Type of food eaten:

Herbivore (preserved Megatherium dung has enabled scientists to discover that this huge beast ate vegetation

Fossils found where:

South America and southern North America

Model Facts:

The tree that the Megatherium model is holding is the original Victorian tree that grew too large and eventually broke the arm of the model off. It now has a replica arm in its place and the tree has subsequently died.

Creature Fact:

The Megatherium was a giant ground sloth (whose much smaller tree-dwelling ancestors still live in South America today). They used their huge strength to pull up trees to eat the roots and leaves. Preserved skin and hair have been found, which identified the Megatherium as having long, shaggy brown hair




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